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The Flint Leadership Training was awesome! My favorite part was watching and listening to Anthony go through the role plays and breaking down his philosophy about how and why he would say what he is going to say. The insight we also received around how to structure warranties and guarantees as a business to be used as a tool by our sales team to assist them to close more sales was powerful. I know we got better as a business from the knowledge we learned and it’s still early but we are already seeing the results of the training with our sales teams in both trades.

Terell W. – General Manager

I really enjoyed the Flint Training put together by Anthony and Ashley. Having a consistent and proven sales process to follow gives us a great opportunity to reach our goals. We have seen positive results with our Sales team after introducing just a small amount of the information, and I’m confident they will explode after having the full training!

Ian T. – Sales & Install Manager

I attended the first version of Flint Training via Teams with a 3 day in person session in Seattle. I found the program to be well designed and executed with breakout sessions and valuable role play. Ashley and Anthony were well prepared and led the participants through the curriculum skillfully. Overcoming objections and smoke screen identification was the most valuable aspect in my case. Since the beginning of my participation, I have had a significant increase in both my percentage to close and average sale price. I would recommend that all Flint Comfort Consultants take this course.

Rob C. – Comfort Advisor

I was a remodeler by trade and thought I’d give a sales position a shot. I began as a comfort consultant for Wolfers in August of 2022. In the first year of my career, I was selling at about 30-35%. After attending the Flint Trainings program, I am now sitting at a steady 60+ sales rate. This is a training program that will not only help in getting a higher sales rate but will make you to be a better consultant to service your customers. I owe this new career to the Flint group and Wolfers. Thank you for investing in me. The Flint Trainings program changed the lives of me and my family.

Allen B. – Comfort Advisor
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